IN THE KNOW MAMAS:  PLEASE NOTE…There are ways around EVERY SINGLE INTERNET FILTER SOLD.  Do not be deceived.  Please do not think that you can install one of these resources and simply relax and sit back while your children surf the net.  We like OpenDNS because of its “internet usage stats.”  As far as we have been able to determine this will record every site every user who uses your internet has visited.  For example an iTouch user in our home was accessing adult sites.  The stats showed that it had blocked the site several times.  When asked about why the child kept trying to access the site that was being blocked, the child responded…”It didn’t block me.  It let me in.”  From that we realized that OpenDNS was merely keeping track of the sites that should have been blocked, but was letting them in due to the fact that it was an iTouch.  As far as we know, this has not been remedied on OpenDNS.
opendns OpenDNS Parental Control Solutions

OpenDNS Home (The free version-this DOES not include the internet usage stats)

OpenDNS Home VIP ($19.95 per year and has more bells and whistles including the internet usage stats, plus it gives you access to premium tech support.)



Covenant Eyes – Accountability Software

Accountability and Filtering helps you protect your family online. Learn how the Internet is used in your home.  Click on “How Covenant Eyes Works” to see a short video. (We have not used this but it comes highly recommended by a few parenting ministries.)


spectorsoftSpector Soft – Monitoring Software for Computers and Tablets

eBlaster Remote Computer Monitoring SoftwareKeeping your child safe online is as easy as reading your email. eBlaster records online and offline computer activity and sends both scheduled reports and real-time alerts directly to your Inbox with detailed activity information.  (We have not used this but it comes highly recommended by a few parenting ministries.)


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