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Who Are We?

We are two regular moms who understand how difficult it can be to raise godly children in this fast-paced, high-tech, media saturated world.  We have a heart to help and feel called to share some of our stories and experiences and hopefully inspire you to embrace the high calling of raising this younger generation.  We want you to know God doesn’t make mistakes and He knew exactly what He was doing by making you a mother, an aunt, a grandmother, a friend, or a mentor of this younger generation.  You are the right woman for this job.  Join us as we do our best to stay informed and follow God’s plan for our lives.

Denise FamilyDenise’s family

Denise is a wife and a busy stay-home, part-time grape farmer, seamstress and homeschooling mother.  Her youngest is 15 and the oldest is 23.  She knows first hand how intimidating technology like laptops, video games, iPods, and smart phones can be.  In the not-so-distant past, Denise was afraid to use the home computer on her own and couldn’t figure out how to use the printer.  But she is brave and has really tried to balance being a well-informed mom without becoming fearful.  She likes to stay abreast of what’s going on in the media by reading OneMillionMoms email updates.  She no longer feels hopeless when it comes to her concerns about today’s media.  She has an incredible peace in knowing that God is in control.  Lately, she’s been having wonderful conversations with her youngest who’s still living at home about the agenda behind TV commercials and programs.  (read the story here.) She’s in God’s Word daily and finds herself reading the familiar with fresh eyes and applying the book of Ephesians to her own life-especially when it comes to media consumption.  She’s wise, compassionate and passionate about this ministry and joining you in your motherhood journey.

Carrie FamilyCarrie’s family

Carrie is a busy wife, legal secretary, part-time remodeling landlord with her husband, mother of two young men 21 and 23.  Even though her nest is “empty” she still has great passion to help other mothers who are still on the overwhelming journey of raising children in this “just Google-it” generation.  She often finds herself talking with complete strangers about the good and bad sides of today’s technology (especially smartphones).  Many years ago God placed the dream of a ministry like “Navigate” on her heart and she is excited to see how He is leading.  Recently in her morning quite time she has posed the question to herself, “What does a wise woman look like?”  By using the Strong’s Concordance on her iPhone she has gained some powerful insight.   She is excited to come alongside you and share some of what she’s found.

What’s It All About?

The question:  Which kind of mama do you tend to be?


are you a “STOP THE RIVER” MAMA?

We are openly fearful and
condemning of today’s media.

We do our best to “stop The River.”  But The River is everywhere.  Not only does The River beckon our children to take a dip in obvious places like online and through cable television.  But that raging River breaks through in unexpected places—In line at the grocery store as our little ones read the headlines of Cosmo, or in the mall as we walk past overly-perfumed stores with booming music and huge posters of scantily-clad beauty, or even on billboards as we innocently travel through a strange part of town.

We are very sure of ourselves and our choice to keep our children “protected.”  However, as the years roll on, trying to “stop The River” leaves us exhausted, disappointed, and hopeless.  We just can’t hold back The River as our children grow older, become more curious and gain independence.

Let’s face it—Eventually our children’s schooling, friendships, life experiences, and future careers will put them (more like—throw them!) into The River at some point.  What navigating skills will our children have of their own when they’ve always had us to say “no” for them.

What we need is the kind of wisdom that comes only from our Heavenly Father (and reading His Word) and trustworthy companions to help us come up with our own plan.

are you a “GO WITH THE FLOW” MAMA?

We simply shove our fear
below the surface.

We tell ourselves we are doing what’s right by “going with the flow.”   We check to see what other “good” mamas are doing and then let The River take our families where it may. Sometimes it’s a smooth ride.  Other times it sends our family’s “raft” smashing into the rocks of life or careening over rapids at breakneck speed.  We tend to be reactive instead of proactive.  [This is somewhat like springing a leak and bailing out the water with a teaspoon and trying to mend the leaks with masking tape.] “Going with the flow” is ineffective and will, at the end of the journey, leave us looking back and wishing for a good map and a better family plan.

But we have no idea where to start!  We are overwhelmed by today’s media and technology.  After all, we weren’t raised with it.  We cover our eyes and ears and are numbly satisfied by being oblivious to the technology our children are using and extremely comfortable with.  Our motto is:  Out of sight, out of mind.  The only problem is our fear does manage to surface in the middle of the night or at other inconvenient times.  It leaves us shaken to the very core at times.  This fear keeps us neutralized, afraid to begin what seems far too long of a journey to become even mildly educated in the area of media and technology.


We learn to Navigate today’s technology and
media and we are confident
and experience His peace.

Finally, there are those of us who learn to “Navigate the River,” read the maps, prepare for the rapids, know where our children are and what they are experiencing.  Our goal is to prepare our children by teaching them self-control and how to ask questions like “What’s the agenda?”

We are good stewards, brave warriors, and we keep our eyes on our Creator and trust that HE IS IN CONTROL no matter how wild the ride!  Yes, we are concerned, but we are praying about it.  Yes, we are shaken at times when the enemy seems to take a foothold in our precious children’s lives.  Yes, we have flashes of a fiery passion that send us to our Savior’s Throne of Mercy and Grace, tears streaming, pulse racing, throats tight, and mouths dry.  We are shaken to be sure—the battlefields of life have a way of doing this to us.  But these are all physical reactions.  At the core of our being, in the middle of our soul—We stand firm, wielding the Sword of the Spirit, with our Shield of Faith clenched in our trembling hand.  (However, adrenaline—not fear—is the culprit here.)  We are reminded that our King has already won THE WAR!  We are fighting these battles, but He has WON THE WAR!

We share our resources and information with each other.  We are transparent when others will benefit.  We summon everyone to “The Fight.”  Everyone is in on this fight.  (Parents of little ones, those who have never had children, those who have grown children, and those who have grandchildren and great-grandchildren.)

We are in a battle but
He has a word for the weary… 

Friend, are you afraid?  Are you tired?  Do you think it is hopeless?  He’s heard your prayers.  Can you see Him?  He rides up on His beautiful stallion, robe flowing, banners blowing, His great army following!  There is no room for fear any longer!  He’s come to offer His strength!  He’s mighty!  He’s our King!  We must rise to this noble calling!

Will you try to stop The River or simply not participate?

Will you go with the flow and let The River take you where it may and deal with the aftermath later?

Be sure The River will have its way,
unless you answer this high calling and learn to
be a “Mama In The Know” and learn to N A V I G A T E !

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